Press Feature/The Daily Brit: Our Rescue Pup Rumi!

You may have seen his gorgeous little face on our social media and now, Rumi's rescue story has been published in The Daily Brit!

Some interesting facts we think it's important to share:

  • Over 12 million dogs form part of the UK's pet population

  • Around 33% of UK households have a dog!

  • More than 3.2 million households acquired a pet during the pandemic

  • An estimated 664,000 dogs enter shelters in the UK every single year

  • 20% of all dogs in any shelter at any given time have already been rehomed once before

  • Animal shelters receive over 80,000 calls a year from people looking for a pet to adopt

  • Shelters in the UK euthanise over 200,000 animals every year

  • Before adoption, animals in shelters are health-screened

  • Rescue dogs can take anywhere from 3-6 months (minimum) to adjust to their new home and owners - preparation, patience, training and socialisation are key to ensure the pup settles in and becomes a much-loved member of the family

  • It's a myth that pure breds are healthier than shelter/rescue dogs, with medical rules sometimes ignored to allow for more profit

To read Rumi's story, click on his gorgeous face below:

Rumi's Rescue Story